HV Hipot Production Skills Training 

    HV Hipot Production Skills Training


    On June 5, 2018, Production Skills Training was launched at a big workshop, which was aimed at further improving technicians' basic skills including welding, filing, painting and the use of hand saws. In the training, speaker and engineer Mr. Liao provided some tips for production.

    1. Welding. In the process of welding, it is generally necessary to strip the wiring away from the 5mm insulation layer, then use the higher part of the soldering iron tip when soldering tin, for the reason of its highest temperature. In the welding, attention should be paid to have the melted tin naturally fall down and form an arc with swift and steady operation. After the electric soldering iron is used, soak a bit of tin and wipe it on the wet sponge, in this way, service life of welding gun can be extended.

    2. Filing cutting, included the whole plate file cutting and the hole file cutting. First, while fixing the board, foam paper should be put on both sides of the fixed form to avoid scratches. To avoid being cut into waves, the whole plate file must be pulled back and forth from head to tail. When you file the hole, you generally only need to file the rounded corners into right angle. After the file is cut to the specified shape, the production staff should also bear in mind to use the small file to form a 45-degree Angle and hang it gently until the edge is free of hand.

    Through this training, technicians especially the new-arrivals learned a lot about skills. For HV Hipot, we keep polishing our production skills and aspire to produce high quality goods.

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