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HV Hipot Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, inheriting from Wugao Institute and Xigao Institute. It is a national high-tech enterprise, with nearly 1500 square meters of high-tech intelligent office building and 2000 square meters of 8S modern management and production plant.

 It is a power system integrated operator with the core competitiveness of comprehensive strength of power test equipment, non-destructive live patrol inspection and online monitoring system design, research and development, production, power high voltage test and training center, and the core advantages of customer experience innovation and business model innovation.


HV Hipot headquartered in Wuhan, Hubei Province, with domestic marketing center, international marketing center, product research and development center and after-sales service center, more than 80 employees, undergraduate or above employees account for 85% of the total number of employees, including 5 master's degree, 2 doctors.


2018. 10


Beijing International Electric Power Equipment and  Technology Exhibition

2019. 06


Asia Electric Power & Smart Grid Exhibition

2019. 11


Shanghai International Electric Power & Electrical Exhibition

2019. 12


Wuhan One Belt And One Road Technology Exchange Meeting

2020. 03


The Middle East Dubai International Power Show

Technical Team

Technical Team

It has a number of senior R&D engineers, with 10 equipment categories covering insulation withstand voltage test equipment, transformer testing equipment, switch testing equipment, SF6 comprehensive testing equipment, cable fault location testing equipment, transformer arrester testing equipment, online monitoring systems, etc. , 89 product sub-categories of R&D, design and manufacturing capabilities. The experienced professional technical support team can provide customers with on-site equipment debugging, remote technical Q&A support, and various forms of operation training support.

Technical Team1

Mr. Bernie from TMG Test Equipment Australia is appointed as Technical Director.

Mr. Bernie brings an overseas vision to the company, making the performance of high-voltage equipment comparable to that of similar international products.

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Enterprise Culture

HV Hipot always insistes on building the power testing industry with superb R&D technology, macro-industry perspective, professional service standards, and first-class system products. It takes innovative business models as the foundation, independent R&D and innovation to promote improvement, and unique development to create a brand. We are committed to becoming a global supplier of smart power testing.

Electricity safety is the foundation of the country. HV Hipot strives to explore the coordinated development of technological innovation, technological service innovation and power inspection ecological innovation, and will take customer experience and technological innovation as its core advantages, move towards a broader field of power construction, and serve power safety.

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  • [March 2003] Established Wuhan Guodian High Voltage Technology Research Institute to engage in power high voltage test research.
  • [February 2004] Successfully developed a fully automatic power frequency withstand voltage test device for A.O. Smith, creating a precedent for program-controlled high-voltage insulation withstand voltage test.
  • [August 2005] Formed a strategic partnership with Vietnam CSC. The first batch of loop resistance meters were applied to Vietnam National Electricity, breaking the monopoly of Western electrical measurement products.
  • [April 2006] Provided high-quality testing equipment to AREVA, one of the world's three largest power transmission and distribution companies, and contributed modestly to the global power transmission industry.
  • [November 2006] HVHIPOT was formally registered. In the same year, the HVHIPOT brand was registered, and the company developed towards branding.
  • [March 2007] Co-organized Hubei Electric Power Measurement and Testing Association and became a member of the council.
  • The partial discharge test set was applied to the Australian Electric Power Company, and the products went to the European and American international markets.
  • Went to the Wenchuan disaster area to provide power testing equipment for the Aba Reconstruction Project in Sichuan Province and participate in the power restoration rescue and disaster relief work.
  • [June 2008] Obtained the honorary certificate of "Contract-abiding and Credit-worthy Enterprise" issued by the "Wuhan City Innovative Outstanding Enterprise" by Hubei Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce.
  • [January 2009] Customized high-precision AC and DC verification standard products for China Southern Power Grid Yunnan Electric Power Research Institute, and passed the calibration of the National High Voltage Metering Station, providing a more accurate test standard for the voltage divider detection used by Yunnan Power Grid.
  • [May 2010] Donated to the Yushu earthquake-stricken area and donated a batch of power overhaul equipment to the Yushu Rescue and Disaster Relief Headquarters, which contributed to Yushu’s rescue and disaster relief.
  • [May 2011] Entrusted by the Hubei Academy of Electric Power to develop the "Power Grid Intelligent Line Loss Theory Analysis System Drawing Module".
  • [December 2012] The successful registration of the HV HIPOT trademark has laid the foundation for the Ministry of Foreign Trade to open up the market. As of the end of December, we have welcomed foreign guests from more than a dozen countries including Russia, Iran, South Korea, Vietnam, and Uzbekistan.
  • [February 2013] Wuhan HVHIPOT officially moved to the new office building, Building 7, Jinyintan Modern Enterprise City, Jiangjun Road, Dongxihu District, with a more complete office area and office facilities, so that we can fully display the face of Wuhan HVHIPOT. Professional service will greet a better tomorrow with you.
  • [April 2014] South African customers came from afar and purchased a batch of ultra-low frequency AC withstand voltage testers, which took an important step in opening up the international market.
  • [April 2015] HVHIPOT obtained a number of computer software copyrights, frequency conversion series resonance test device operating system, high voltage switch dynamic characteristic tester operating system, zinc oxide tester operating system, intelligent loop resistance tester operating system, and intelligent withstand voltage The copyright of a series of computer software such as the operating system of the test device proves that Wuhan Guodian West High Technology is becoming more and more mature.
  • [February 2016] HVHIPOT's products successfully entered the nuclear power market. On January 23, at the kind invitation of Zhejiang Hongwei Supply Chain Co., Ltd. to visit and discuss the cooperation of nuclear power equipment in detail, Zhejiang Hongwei Supply Chain Co., Ltd. The modern service industry CIMC is an innovative development enterprise with platform-based supply chain management capabilities that integrates product supply chain and service supply chain, marking that our company has officially entered the nuclear power market and is steadily invited to enter the electricity test.
  • [February 2017] In order to better serve the electrical measurement industry, Wuhan HVHIPOT heavily restructured its production plant to comply with the ultra-high international standard GB 50303-2002. Targeted expansion of the R&D center, production workshop, strengthening of the test and verification center, and a more rigorous attitude towards the production process, marked the unshakable leading position of Wuhan HVHIPOT in the electrical measurement industry.
  • [October 2018] The developed HVHIPOT Mini Program was officially launched. This mini program mainly provides power test-related calculation tools for the majority of power testers.
  • [October 2018] HVHIPOT participated in the 2018 Beijing 17th International Electric Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition (EP China 2018) and achieved a complete success.
  • [February 2019] HVHIPOT customized a 0.02% high-precision DC standard resistance divider for Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and successfully passed the inspection of the National High Voltage Metering Station.

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