Insulator Tester

  • GD-610B Insulator Faults Detector

    GD-610B Insulator Faults Detector

    The model GD-610B is used to detect faults of insulators and locate the faults in power station, substation without cutting power. It also can be used for PD detection, corona discharge detection, discharge detection of electric equipment.




  • GDJW-40B Wireless Insulator Tester

    GDJW-40B Wireless Insulator Tester

    GDJW-40B can be used to test the distribution voltages of the charged suspended insulator or the laboratory detection of the suspended insulator, and enable to effectively detect the internal hidden trouble of the insulator, improve the operating reliability of the power grid system, and improve the working efficiency of the line staff who carries out the live testing.


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