CT/PT Measurement And Analysis

  • GDHG-106B CT/PT Analyzer

    GDHG-106B CT/PT Analyzer

    GDHG-106B is a multifunctional tool specially designed for analyzing current transformers and voltage transformers of protection or measurement use. The operator only needs to set values for test current and voltage, the instrument will automatically boost voltage and current, and then show test results in a short time. Test data can be saved, printed, and uploaded to PC through USB interface.

  • GDHG-108A CT/PT Analyzer

    GDHG-108A CT/PT Analyzer

    GDHG-108A CT/PT Tester supports test voltage method to test bushings CTs which installed on transformer or inside switch-gear, suitable for the laboratory and on-site detection. 

  • GDHG-201P CT/PT Analyzer

    GDHG-201P CT/PT Analyzer

    GDHG-201P CT/PT Analyzer is a lightweight, portable unit capable of testing both current and voltage transformers.

    • CT testing includes Excitation Characteristic Test, Knee Points, Turn Ratio, Polarity, Secondary Winding Resistances, Secondary Burden,Ratio Error, Angular Difference
    • VT testing including Excitation Characteristic Test, Knee Points, Turn Ratio, Polarity, Secondary Winding Resistances, Ratio Error, Angular Difference




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