Cable And Pipe Locator

  • GD-3134E Cable Testers & Cable Identifier

    GD-3134E Cable Testers & Cable Identifier

    GD-3134E is a high-performance underground metal pipeline detection system composed of signal transmitters and receivers.


  • GD-7018A Optical Fiber Identifier

    GD-7018A Optical Fiber Identifier

    The GD-7018 series optical fiber pipeline identifier can accurately locate and meaure depth of the underground pipelines, cables and optical cables under the condition of without digging, and accurately find the damage points of the outer coating of the underground pipelines and the location of the underground cable fault points.


  • GD-2134A Cable Identifier

    GD-2134A Cable Identifier

    The purpose of the cable identifier is to accurately identify one of the target cables from multiple cables and avoid serious accidents caused by wrong sawing of live cables. 

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