Oil Freezing Point Tester

  • GDCP-510 Oil Freezing Point Tester

    GDCP-510 Oil Freezing Point Tester

    GDCP-510 Low Temperature Freezing Point Tester is compliant with GB/T 510 “Determination of Solidification Point for Petroleum Products” and GB/T 3535 “Petroleum Products―Determination of Pour Point. 

  • GDND-800 Freezing Point Tester

    GDND-800 Freezing Point Tester

    Transformer oil freezing point tester has the characteristics of exquisite structural design and unique manufacturing process. It conforms to GB/T 3535 and GB/T510 standards and is used to determine the pour point of petroleum products.

  • GDYN-901 Kinematic viscosity tester

    GDYN-901 Kinematic viscosity tester

    GDYN901 is suitable to determine kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products. This apparatus has the function of timing of the trial sample movement and can calculate the final result of kinematic viscosity. 

  • GDZD-601 oil shaker

    GDZD-601 oil shaker

    Multi-Function Shaker is used in laboratory to test heat, shake, degas various kinds of liquid under constant temperature and a fixed time. It is controlled by micro-computer to realize man-machine interaction.

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