Battery Impedance Tester

  • Battery Resistance Tester

    Battery Resistance Tester

    Regular maintenance and test are a “must-have” procedure for standby batteries. The excellent performance of 8610P for testing cell resistance and voltage will help you eliminate the weak batteries and ensure their performance. 

  • Battery Impedance Tester GDBT-8612

    Battery Impedance Tester GDBT-8612

    As a key component of the power system, batteries must be tested and maintained annually, quarterly or even monthly and their test data needs to be analyzed on a regular basis.

  • GDBT-8610P Battery Impedance Tester

    GDBT-8610P Battery Impedance Tester

    GDBT-8610P is a new generation of battery tester with touch-screen. It is strictly designed to evaluate and maintain all stationary power systems including Uninterruptible Power System.

    Via accurate testing of resistance and voltage, it gives an indication of battery capacity and technical status. The measurement data can be read on the instrument display directly. And it can also be uploaded to PC simply by using the USB drive. With the analyzing software, you could not only keep a record of the testing result but also have detailed analyzing for the status of batteries in different testing conditions.

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