DC Hipot Test Set

  • DC High Voltage Generator GDZG-300

    DC High Voltage Generator GDZG-300

    GDZG-300 series of DC high voltage tester is testing DC high voltage for zinc oxide lighting arrester, magnetic blowing arrester, power cables, generators, transformers, switches, and other equipment, which is suitable for electric power branch, power department of factories, scientific research units, railway, chemical industry, power plants.

  • DC Hipot Test Set GDZG-S

    DC Hipot Test Set GDZG-S

    GDZG-S series is equipment of testing DC voltage and DC leakage current of water-cooled generator in the situation of water through, which completely overcome the problems of long blow water time, bottom water hard to dry, easy to cause arcing within the coil. The device is light, simple wiring, and easy to read. Polarization compensation voltage is output directly by the case.

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