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HV Hipot Electric Co., Ltd., located in Wuhan, China, is a professional manufacturer specialized in electrical safety testing equipment, especially high voltage testing equipment since the year of 2003. We TEST for various kinds of electrical products, such as Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Surge Arresters, Generators, Insulators, Cables, Casings, GIS Systems, CT/ PTs, and Relays, etc. Years of experiences and strong R & D supports have made us become a leader in the field of electrical testing.



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HV Hipot
  • 2022
    Jiangsu customers purchased a batch of high-voltage test equipment from our company

    At the beginning of May, Jiangsu customers had the need to add equipment, so they got in touch with HV Hipot. After many times of communication with customers, to understand the customer’s site conditions, test objects and test projects, HV Hipot “tailor-made” a set of equipment...

  • 2022
    HV Hipot was invited to Beijing to provide installation and commissioning services

    Recently, the technical staff of HV Hipot went to Beijing to provide customers with relevant installation and commissioning services for a batch of “high-voltage insulation withstand voltage test equipment”.                                        After the technicians arrived at the c...

  • 2021
    HV HIPOT successfully shipped a batch of safety equipment test devices to Xinjiang

    At the end of October, the marketing department reported that an electric power technology company in Xinjiang had purchased a batch of safety equipment testing devices from our company. The equipment purchased this time includes: GDYD-D series AC Hipot tester, GDJS-6 series Insulated Glove (shoe...

  • 2021
    Go to Kuwait for on-site technical guidance for GDCY-20kV voltage generator

    From July 9th to July 14th, the engineers of HVHIPOT went to Kuwait to provide on-site technical guidance for the GDCY-20kV small impulse voltage generator for customers. Kuwait’s capital, Kuwait City, is located on the southern bank of the Kuwait Gulf. It is the most important deep-wa...

  • 2018
    VLF AC Hipot Test Set GDVLF-80 was successfully tested in India

    In June, 2018, our engineer went to India for commissioning GDVLF-80 VLF AC Hipot Test Set. The testing lasted about 3 days. We tested the specified power cable based on testing requirement and it won satisfaction by the end user at last. Withstand voltage test is an essential preventive test fo...

  • 2016
    GDBT-1000KVA transformer integrated test bench

    In December 2016, HVHIPOT was invited by a Korean customer to conduct on-site commissioning for it. So our company arranged a technical engineer to go to South Korea alone to conduct on-site debugging for the customer. The product debugged for the customer is the GDBT-1000KVA transformer integrat...

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