GDZG-300 DC High Voltage Generator

GDZG-300 DC High Voltage Generator

Brief Description:

GDZG-300 series of DC high voltage tester is testing DC high voltage for zinc oxide lighting arrester, magnetic blowing arrester, power cables, generators, transformers, switches, and other equipment, which is suitable for electric power branch, power department of factories, scientific research units, railway, chemical industry, power plants.


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Simple operation and complete function, easy for wild work.
Higher voltage stability, smaller ripple coefficient.
More reliable and stable, continuous short-circuit discharge directly to ground.
Intelligent grounding protection and alarm function. High precision, accurate measurement, digital display of voltmeter and ammeter, with voltage resolution 0.1kV, and current 0.1uA.
High stability of voltage regulation, smooth voltage boosting process, high adjustable precision, with coarse and fine adjustment functions. Accuracy of voltage regulation better than 0.1%, voltage and current measurement error is less than 1.0%, ripple factor better than 0.5%.
With function of high-accuracy 75%VDC-1mA, more convenient for zinc oxide lighting arrester DC testing.
HV booster is small size and large capacity, with △-Y shoring in the packing, which is portable to carry.


Rated voltage


Rated current

2mA/3m A/4mA/5mA/10mA

Power supply

AC 220V±10%, 50Hz

Ripple coefficient


Voltage meter precision

± (1.0 %reading±2 digit)

Current meter precision

± (1.0 %reading±2 digit)

Voltage stabilization

Stochastic wave, ≤1% when power wave±10%

Environment temperature

-10 ~ 40℃

Relative humidity

≤85% (no condensate)

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