GDBT-1000KVA transformer integrated test bench

GDBT-1000KVA transformer integrated test bench

In December 2016, HVHIPOT was invited by a Korean customer to conduct on-site commissioning for it. So our company arranged a technical engineer to go to South Korea alone to conduct on-site debugging for the customer. The product debugged for the customer is the GDBT-1000KVA transformer integrated test bench.

GDBT-1000KVA transformer integrated test bench1

At the end of December, our company's technical engineers rushed to South Korea and arrived at the commissioning site that met with the customer. At the beginning of on-site commissioning, the technical engineers of our company firstly checked whether the equipment was damaged during transportation, and after ensuring that it was not damaged, they worked with the customer in a division of labor. The technical engineer of our company is responsible for the connection line of the main circuit, and the customer is responsible for the connection line of the control circuit. After all the wiring is completed, the test is started.

GDBT-1000KVA transformer integrated test bench2

During the commissioning process, our company's technical engineers carried out the no-load test, load test, and induction withstand voltage test of the transformer for customers. After each test is completed and the test data is correct, the test ends smoothly.

GDBT-1000KVA transformer integrated test bench3

On the second day after the completion of the commissioning, our company’s technical engineers have conducted on-site employee training before the customer. The training content mainly revolves around the operation and precautions of the equipment, especially the operation and use for the customer to give detailed instructions and explanations.

GDBT-1000KVA transformer integrated test bench4

After on-site commissioning and training for customers, Korean customers are very satisfied with our products, technology and services, and express their hope for long-term cooperation in the future. HVHIPOT also adheres to the concept of being responsible for and serving customers, and constantly creates new brilliance in the electrical industry.

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