HV HIPOT successfully shipped a batch of safety equipment test devices to Xinjiang

HV HIPOT successfully shipped a batch of safety equipment test devices to Xinjiang

At the end of October, the marketing department reported that an electric power technology company in Xinjiang had purchased a batch of safety equipment testing devices from our company. The equipment purchased this time includes: GDYD-D series AC Hipot tester, GDJS-6 series Insulated Glove (shoes) Voltage Tester, GDY series Electroscope Function Tester , AGLX-20KN Electrical Safety Equipment mechanical properties Test machine, GDJ series insulation rod withstand voltage test electrode device, GDZG-300 series DC high voltage Tester, GDS-50 insulation rope voltage resistance device, GDZ-R Shield Test Electrode Device, etc. dozens of sets of equipment. At present, this batch of equipment has completed the factory test and will be sent to the customer’s designated site at the beginning of this month.

Insulating boots and insulating gloves are necessary safety protection tools for the operation and maintenance of power systems. DL408 “Electrical Safety Working Regulations” and GB12011-2000 “General Technical Conditions for Electrical Insulating Shoes” stipulate commonly used safety tools such as insulating boots and insulating gloves. The test method and cycle.

GDJS-6 series insulated gloves (shoes) withstand voltage test device is used for special equipment such as insulated boots (gloves), insulation rod batch test, electroscope, etc., which effectively solves the previous non-standard test methods, simplifies the test procedures, and improves The detection speed is reduced, the detection intensity is reduced, and the safety of the detection personnel is guaranteed. Insulating boots and insulating gloves withstand voltage test, the cycle is half a year, no breakdown is allowed during the test, and the leakage current of the insulating boots is not greater than the limit value. This device can reliably identify the leakage current, insulation aging and power frequency withstand voltage parameters of insulated gloves (boots) and insulated rods, and can detect six insulated gloves (boots) and multiple insulated rods at the same time; equipped with electroscope function detection device The starting voltage and anti-interference performance of the electroscope can be tested. If relevant auxiliary test fixtures or supporting electrode devices are selected, it can be used for the withstand voltage test of insulating blankets, insulating pads, insulating sleeves, insulating clothes, insulating caps, insulating ladders, insulating baffles, insulating stools and other insulating tools.

Scope of application

   Widely used in electrical manufacturing departments, power operation departments, scientific research units and colleges and universities, for the mass production inspection and testing of insulating gloves, insulating boots; insulating rods, insulating ropes, electroscopes and other instruments.

   High-quality products and services, strong company qualifications and reputation are important reasons for attracting customers to cooperate with us this time. HV HIPOT does not dare to neglect every order, and it is also very strict in quality control while competing for production, ensuring that every product is delivered to customers with perfect quality!

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