Transformer Test Bench Commissioning at Korea

Transformer Test Bench Commissioning at Korea

In Dec., 2016, HV HIPOT engineer is committed for testing Transformer Test Bench in Korea. The test site is KEPCO, which is is the largest electric utility in South Korea, responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and the development of electric power projects including those in nuclear power, wind power and coal. 

Transformer Test Bench Commissioning at Korea1

The transformer test bench can Test can test that object:
22.9kV Single Phase transformers and special transformers, load voltage and current: AC 0-650V/78A, AC 0-1200V/29A, AC 0-2400V/14.6A.
The impedance of tested transformer is within 7%, HV side is 23kV, 11kV, 6kV. LV side is 0.05kV-2.4kV.

This test bench can conduct below test
1. No-load test including no-load loss, the percent of no-load current to rated current.
2. Load test including load loss, impedance voltage percentage, automatic temperature conversion and load loss test under 30% or above full current.
3. Induced voltage test.

Transformer Test Bench Commissioning at Korea2

1. Manual record test data and save in the database.
2. The data of No-load test can be corrected by waveform and rated voltage automatically.
3. The data of Load test can be corrected by temperature (75℃, 100℃, 120℃, 145℃) and rated current.
4. In No-load test, LV side voltage can be monitored.
5. In Load test, HV side current can be monitored.
6. All test functions and test process can be selected and controlled by buttons of front panel.
7. All test results are corrected according to the requirement of GB1094, IEC60076 or ANSI C57.
8. Test procedure can be proceed by PC software.
9. All data can be stored and printed.
10. With zero protection, over-current protection and over-voltage protection functions.
11. CT/PT range switch automatically.
12. The test bench will fully control to the whole loop circuit and monitor the measurement.
13. Safety alarm system.

All required test are equipped in the same bench, each function is independent. All test are automatic.
Transformer Characteristic Test(No-load and Load Test)
It is controlled by PC and supplied induced voltage regulator 100kVA, intermediate transformer 40kVA. 

We can customize different rating models based on actual requirement.

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