Welcome Shandong customers to come to our company for training and learning

Welcome Shandong customers to come to our company for training and learning

At the end of May, Shandong customers made a special trip to HV Hipot. The main purpose of this customer visit was to train and learn the operation and use of equipment such as oil chromatography, CT/PT Analyzer, DC High Voltage Gernerator  and AC resonant test system. Our company extended a warm welcome to him and made a meticulous reception.

In the conference room, our technical engineers conducted theoretical training on “SF6 leak detector” for customers. Then, lead the customer to the SF6 operation workshop, and our engineers demonstrate the operation and use steps of the GDWG-III SF6 gas  leak detector for the customer.



At the production workshop site, our technicians demonstrated the relevant high-voltage testing equipment that customers need to know, and under the guidance of our staff, let customers get started and participate in it. During the period, the technicians introduced the analysis and judgment of the test results and the precautions in the test process in detail, and the customers also carefully took notes.


During this training, customers expressed their affirmation of our company’s comprehensive strength, technical level, product quality and high-quality service. HV Hipot adheres to the business philosophy of “leading the market with technology and winning customers with service”, and has won a good reputation in the industry. Welcome customers to come to our company for inspection, mutual exchange and win-win cooperation.

Post time: Jun-06-2022

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