GDCY Impulse Voltage Test System (100kV-7200kV)

GDCY Impulse Voltage Test System (100kV-7200kV)

Brief Description:

Impulse Voltage Test System is mainly used for carrying out full wave lightning impulse voltage test, chopping impulse test and switching impulse test on HV apparatus such as transformers, surge arrester, insulators, bushings, capacitors, and switches. It can generate standard lightning wave, switching wave, chopping wave with wide range voltage and energy.




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GDCY Impulse voltage test system 5
It includes below parts

Control and Measurement Table.
Impulse Voltage Generator.
HV DC Charging Unit.
Weak Damped Voltage Divider

Impulse voltage grade 100kV-7200kV
Standard lightning wave 1.2±30%/50±20%µS
Peak oscillation <5%
Standard switching wave 250±20%/2500±60%µS
Virtual front time of oscillating lightning wave ≤15µS
Virtual front time of oscillating switching wave and 
virtual front time of oscillating switching impulse wave
The minimum output voltage ≥10%Un
Charging voltage instability <±1%
Synchronizing range ≥20%
Synchronous discharge error rate <2%
Ignition range 10%~100%
Working time ≥70%UN Discontinuous work (charge-discharge 300s/time)
<70%nn Continuous work (charge-discharge 120s/time)
Generator efficiency: lightning wave (no load) ≥90%
Time to chopping 2~5µS



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