GDPD-414 Portable Partial Discharge Detector

GDPD-414 Portable Partial Discharge Detector

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The GDPD-414 Portable Partial Discharge Detector adopts Smart Quick intelligent power test system , and is a portable local discharge inspection tool for live high voltage insulation equipment.





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GDPD-414 Portable Partial Discharge Detector02
GDPD-414 Portable Partial Discharge Detector03


UHF sensor,
round type, suitable for GIS

UHF sensor, rectangle type, suitable for power cable, transformer, switchgear

GDPD-414 Portable Partial Discharge Detector04
GDPD-414 Portable Partial Discharge Detector05
GDPD-414 Portable Partial Discharge Detector06

HFCT, suitable for power cable, transformer

TEV sensor,
suitable for switchgear

Ultrasonic sensor, suitable for transformers, switchgear


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The GDPD-414 Portable (GDPD-414H handheld) Partial Discharge Detector adopts smart quick intelligent power test system (Soft No. 1010215, trademark registration number 14684781 (14684481)). It can flexibly configure various sensors according to different products to be tested. TEV, ultrasonic and HFCT are suitable for partial discharge detection of high-voltage switchgear and ring network cabinet; Ultrasonic and UHF are suitable for detecting GIS; Ultrasonic and HFCT are suitable for testing power cable. The built-in expert diagnosis system can analyze the test data and judge the discharge energy and possible parts. It is widely used in electric power and railway.

GDPD-414 Portable Partial Discharge Detector07

Ultrasonic and TEV sensor (2-in-1)


 Adopt high-speed DSP/FPGA sampling board, 4-channel synchronous data acquisition.
 Software system: analysis software based on ARM embedded system
 6/8/16 channels can be configured
 8.1 inch tablet or Thinkpad notebook as optional
6/8/16 channels can be configured according to customer’s different demands. 
 Can display the PRPS and PRPD maps, ellipse diagrams, discharge rate maps, QT maps, NT maps, PRPD cumulative maps, fai-Q-N maps of each signal channel.
 Three-color indication modes of red, yellow and blue indicates the severity of partial discharge.


Customer can choose sensors according to different tested objects:






Tested Objects

HV Swichgear and Ring network cabinet







GDPD-414 / GDPD-414H Specifications
PD signal acquisition host
CPU Working frequency 1.2GHz / 800MHz
Operating system Linx embedded operating system
Wired network port LAN network port
Wireless network port Built-in wireless WiFi (optional)
System running memory 1G / 512M
System storage memory 512M / 256M
Data acquisition frequency 250MHz / 80MHz
Ultrasonic detection channel
Measurement range 0-60mV
Frequency detection range 20~200kHz
UHF detection channel
Detection frequency 300~1800MHz / 300~1500MHz
Measurement range -80~10dBm
Error ±1dBm
Resolution 1dBm
HFCT detection channel
Frequency range 0.5~100MHz
Error ±1dB
Dynamic Range 60dB
Measurement range 0-100mV
Accuracy 1dB
TEV detection channel
Frequency range 3~100MHz
Error ±1dB/mV
Sensitivity 0.01mV
Measurement range 0-60dB/mV
Resolution 1dBm/mV
Built-in battery Lithium battery, 12V, 4400mAh / Lithium battery, 12V, 2000mAh
Use time about 8 hours / about 6 hours
Charging time About 2 hours
Battery protection Over-voltage and over-current protection
Battery charging
Rated voltage 12.6V
Charging output current 2A
Operating temperature -20℃-60℃
Operating humidity <80%
GDPD-414H Handheld display terminal (industrial grade)
CPU Intel Quad Core Atom Z3735F
GPU Intel HD Graphic (Gen7)
Flash 32GB
Operating system Windows10
Display 8.1 inch 1280×800 IPS screen
Network interface Wifi and Bluetooth
Battery 3.7V 8500mAH polymer lithium ion battery
Thinkpad Laptop or Tablet PC
Accessory case size / PD acquisition host size 395mm*295mm*105mm / 240mm*165mm*55mm
PD host weight 3kg / 0.65kg
PD hose case size / Display tablet terminal size 570mm*360mm*240mm / 395mm*295mm*105mm
Display tablet terminal weight 0.85kg
Overall box size 570mm*360mm*240mm
Working environment
Working temperature -20℃~50℃
Environment humidity 0~90%RH
IP level 54

GDPD-414H Handheld Partial Discharge Detector

GDPD-414H Handheld Partial Discharge Detector5
GDPD-414H Handheld Partial Discharge Detector4

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